RAF Optimization and Compliance

MARSI has been a leader in revenue optimization and compliance programs for over 25 years with the original risk-adjusted reimbursement program, DRGs. Learn More

HCC Physician Training

Frankly, physicians and other providers are not as receptive to training from non-providers. MARSI feels that the initial training should be physician to physician. Learn More

Medicare Advantage Auditing

MARSI provides expert auditing to assist clients in determining the overcode risk, the risk of lost revenue, which records that have risk would benefit from a comprehensive plan. Learn More

Physician Engagement

Risk adjusted reimbursement simply does not work without physician engagement. Costly efforts simply fail. MARSI has successful solutions. Learn More

Continuous Clinical Documentation Improvement/CCDI

HCCs are very similar to DRGs therefore similar concepts and programs work. MARSI has an HCC Clinical Documentation Improvement process modeled after our innovative DRG program. Learn More

Risk Adjustment/HCC Best Practices

Simply put, the best practice includes provider education, chart auditing and queries. MARSI has audited many provider groups and has first-hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Our process is proven. Learn More

HCC Coder and Auditor Training-Online

MARSI has the pre-eminent robust and thorough 55 hour course that transforms inexperienced coders into knowledgeable and work ready HCC coders/auditors. Learn More