MARSI provides a layer of protection on which we can depend on

“It is also interesting that the government has not totally understood a concurrent DRG review program. It was somewhat shocking to hear from a government representative that they were concerned about one of our hospitals because they did not have rebillings. When I explained the concurrent program, they were immediately suspicious, I believe, because they had never seen a similar program. I explained that we wanted to do it right the first time, before we billed the chart, rather than sending them charts knowing that some percentage were inaccurately coded. It has been an interesting experience watching the government reviewers understand that the purpose of DRG review is to get it right the first time.

I can honestly say, as the compliance officer for my corporation, I trust the recommendations made by MARSI implicitly. We have made decisions to go toe to toe with the government based on the opinions of MARSI’s expert staff, and we have won. It is a relief to know that MARSI provides a layer of protection on which we can depend.”

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