MARSI Announces Employee Stock Ownership Program

MARSI announces Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) at the annual Christmas/Holiday party. At least 15% of the stock in MARSI will be owned by the employees initially and over the next two years at least 25% stock will be distributed.
“We have always shared profit with the employees. The employees have always treated MARSI and our clients as if they were owners. We have just taken the final steps to make that relationship a reality and we couldn’t be happier!” exclaimed Dr. Todd Husty owner and founder of Medical Audit Resource Services, Inc. “I know, more than anyone on the planet, the employees are the backbone of MARSI.”

MARSI has always been known for innovation and believes that this is yet another innovative step for companies that provide documentation and coding assistance across the country. Dr. Husty states “medical coding is a true profession based on the amount of knowledge necessary in the complexities found in medical records. Medical coders should be treated like the professionals that they are. That also extends to our administrative support staff who deal with the coders, other administrators and physicians. Their jobs are outside of the typical medical administrator realm.”

MARSI says that they have always had good retention of employees because of their corporate philosophy but understand that this is further proof of that philosophy. They do believe that it will help them acquire the true experts they need to maintain their very high level of quality. “That’s why our website is”

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