Christmas/Holiday Party Announcement of ESOP

This is a press release for a Christmas/Holiday party.

Why do we need a press release for a party? Please read on.

Medical Audit Resource Services Inc., MARSI, is a company that provides documentation and coding services to hospitals, physician practices and health plans. Over the past 28 years, things have changed quite a bit from coding in an office trailer to providing services in almost every state in the union via secure server through experts that work at home.

And that’s the point. Many of MARSI’s employees have never met each other much less their supervisor.

Dr. Todd Husty, president and owner of MARSI, decided that they needed to have the biggest get together ever. They offered a travel incentive for people in the home state of Florida of $400. For people outside of Florida but within 1200 miles they offered $800. And for people over 1200 miles were offered $1200.

It worked. “We are going to have over 80 people at the Christmas party!”, exclaimed an excited Dr. Husty. “We’ve never had this many people. The ones that are coming truly had other commitments or just couldn’t work out the details but were very thankful for the opportunity. We will miss them but maybe get to see them next year.”

The ulterior motive for MARSI was to have as many people together as possible for the announcement of their ESOP.

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